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Physical Coach


Antony is a dynamic high performance practitioner with a proven track record of success at an elite level of performance.

Antony is Editor of Soccer Science, a contemporary textbook published by Human Kinetics. This is a 26-chapter textbook dedicated exclusively to the role of sports science in soccer.

Antony was selected by the English Football Association to work with the English National team at FIFA World Cup 2014.

Antony has experience working within National and International performance structures, providing strategic and long term planning for elite athlete management.

Antony is currently, Head of Performance at Manchester United F.C. He was recruited by Sir Alex Ferguson in 2007 to lead innovation and change in the sports science department at Manchester United FC. This post involves managing a World Class department of full time, research and consultant staff. In the past 10 seasons, Antony has been part of a World Club Championship, Premiership, UEFA Champions League, Carling Cup and Charity Shield winning team.

Antony has an extensive background in player development structures from elite youth to senior level both in England and U.S.A. Such a wide involvement has facilitated consultancy work with a number of large corporations.

Antony completed his Post Graduate doctoral thesis with Liverpool John Moores University in 2006. In addition, Antony has a comprehensive background in teaching and lecturing at graduate level.

Antony is a F.A. Staff Teacher for the F.A. Fitness Trainer’s Course, UEFA Pro-Licence, A-Licence and Youth Coaches Award.

Antony has occupied previous positions with Blackburn Rovers F.C., West Ham United F.C., The English F.A., Coventry City F.C., and United Soccer Academy.

Presentation Title:

Innovation in the English Premier League. How electronic performance tracking systems drive the coaching process.


Information is the fuel that drives the performance management process. Planning, decision making, monitoring and performance analysis all depend on the availability of the necessary information. At an elite level of play, an enormous amount of data is generated about a player’s performance, on a constant basis. Areas for critical data evaluation include Team Performance, Player Management, Sports Science/Medical and Talent Identification. All of these areas should be closely interrogated when planning fitness training for elite players. A critical concept in this process is distinguishing between which data are important and which are not. Data gathering for the sake of it can be very expensive, and is futile, unless it is used to drive action during the coaching process. While technology on its own cannot guarantee success at an elite level, the focusing of time and effort in developing robust analytical processes has great potential. Only recently have electronic performance tracking Systems begun to transform the management of professional soccer. Modern practitioners now have first-hand experience of how the intelligent use of

GPS can improve player management, and performance. This session will explore the benefits of utilising electronic tracking systems to drive the coaching process.