Position inside the Company/Club

Head of Sports Science


Darragh Connolly joined the Sport Science department at Juventus FC at the beginning of the 2015-16 season following 3 seasons of close collaboration while working as a technician with Mapei Sport (IT). Darragh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Science and a Master of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University (UK). His current role involves the organization and management of all Sport Science Testing programmes throughout the club. Monitoring players’ condition and providing physiology support within Juventus’s multi-disciplinary team on a daily basis, while developing areas of research.

Presentation Title

How technology assists the practical application of our training method at Juventus FC


Monitoring athletes well-being and the analysis of physical performance is now an integrated part of daily practice within the majority of elite level football clubs. In this presentation we will discuss a number of examples where the use of performance tracking systems has assisted the implementation of our training method at Juventus FC. Improvements in the accuracy of the data collected has further enabled the integration of data into daily training plans and subsequent feedback. This quantification of players’ outputs allows for a greater individualization within the teams training programmes. We will look at a number of examples where the information provided by performance tracking technologies greatly assists our aim of improving athletes’ physical condition and reducing the number of injuries. This information is key for the youth academy, where monitoring seasonal variations across different age groups assists with the definition of reference values and the analysis of players’ long-term development.